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These are writings I have discovered that regard some of the most basic questions human beings can ask. My intention is not to propose the answers, but I do think it is useful to question things and search for answers on your own. I have found the links below to be useful in attempting to understand things that thoughtful people wonder about.



The first thing


What got the universe started? What was the first thing? Was it the big bang? Was it God? Was it consciousness?


  Age of the universe

Source: Wikipedia

A scientific theory regarding when the universe began.


  Was There Ever Nothing?

Source: Every Student

A discussion that points to God as the first thing.


  Atheism 101: What came before the Universe?

Source: Examiner

A short discussion that presents the atheist viewpoint.


  Cosmological Argument - Does the Universe Require A First Cause?

Source: Atheism

A discussion of whether there was a "first cause" such as God.


  Unmoved mover

Source: Wikipedia

A discussion of the "unmoved mover" and "first cause" starting with Aristotle's writings.


  Cosmological argument

Source: Wikipedia

Another discussion of the existence of a "first cause".


  First cause

Source: Britannica

A philosophical discussion of the existence of a "first cause".


  Argument from first cause

Source: RationalWiki

The argument from first cause also referred to as the cosmological argument for God.






What is consciousness? Do animals possess it? Is perception reality? Is reality an illusion?



Source: Miriam-Webster

A definition of the word consciousness.


  The Evolution Of Consciousness by Peter Russell

Source: Peter Russell - Spirit Of Now

A discussion that centers around spirituality.



Source: Wikipedia

A thorough attempt to define consciousness.


  What is Consciousness?

Source: Psychology

Another attempt to answer the question, "What is consciousness?."


  The Tom Campbell's My Big TOE: Interviews 1-9

Source: What if it really works?

Physicist Tom Campbell discusses his Theory Of Everything, including what consciousness is.









What is light? What are photons? Is light (photons) particles or waves or both? Can anything move at or beyond the speed of light?



Source: Wikipedia

Light from a scientific perspective.



Source: Wikipedia

A discussion of what makes up light.


  How light works

Source: How Stuff Works

Answering the question, "What is light?"


  How light works: The Science of Light and Optics

Source: Delmar Fans & Lighting - BLOG

A layman's examination of light by Colby Harris with many more links to explore. Thanks to Acacia and Brooke Krueger for sharing this link.


  Dr. Quantum: Double Slit experiment

Source: Planet Science

This is very interesting and easy to understand video explaining the "Double slit experiment" by Dr. Quantum.


  Explained! The Double-slit experiment - by Thomas Campbell

Source: You Tube

Physicist Thomas Campbell explains the double-slit experiment in this ten minute long video.


  A Plausible Explanation of the "double-slit" experiment in Quantum Physics by Constantinos Ragazas.

Source: The Faculty Publishing Group

An academic paper that uses probability distribution to explain the double-slit experiment. 


  Double-slit experiment

Source: Wikipedia

More detail on the double-slit experiment.


  Lights, Prisms, and Rainbows

Source: Bedroom Window Clarity

Information on light, prisms and rainbows.






What is life? How did life start on planet Earth? Is there life beyond planet Earth?



Source: Wikipedia

A discussion of life.


  How Did Life Begin?

Source: PBS

A discussion of how life may have started.


  Did God create life?


A discussion of how life may have started in a religious context.


  Extraterrestrial life

Source: Wikipedia

A discussion of the possibility of life existing somewhere other than Earth.




Virtual reality


What is virtual reality? Is life real? Is reality continuous or segmented? Is there more than one universe?


  Virtual Reality

Source: Wikipedia

An article that explains virtual reality.


  How virtual reality works

Source: How Stuff Works

Answering how virtual reality works electronically.


  Indicators for a virtual reality - Tom Campbell

Source: You Tube

Tom Campbell discusses his theory that the universe is virtual.


  'Multiverse Theory' Holds That the Universe is a Virtual Reality Matrix

Source: Propaganda Matrix

Is our universe a simulation?


  Are we living in a virtual world?

Source: How Stuff Works

Is it possible that the world is a virtual simulation?


  Do We Live In A Matrix?

Source: Discovery Magazine

An article that explores whether our universe is a computer simulation or is organically real.










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